ACHIEVEability helps over 300 children per year. We coach parents on how to provide for their families and how to further the healthy development of their children.

ACHIEVEability helps parents develop their relationships with their children by providing parenting workshops and monitoring their children's progress in school. As our families grow in the program, children begin to do well in school; parents continue to give positive support and affection and begin to teach their children about their own personal development. Parents will provide healthy foods for their children and take them to regular dental and medical checkups.

ACHIEVEability coaches work with parents to develop the necessary parenting skills to ensure the success of their children. Ultimately, our parents are working to break the generational cycle of poverty within their own families.

Children in the program are much more likely to graduate high school compared to other children in Pennsylvania. 99% of ACHIEVEability children graduate from high school, and 67% of those who graduate attend college. In comparison, a recent study completed by The National Center on Family Homelessness revealed a graduation rate of less than 25% among homeless children in Pennsylvania.


ACHIEVEability, in collaboration with Turning Points for Children, offers a 12-week long workshop series on parenting for parents in the program. The curriculum includes the philosophy and practices of nurturing, ages and stages of growth, communicating with respect, building self-worth and understanding and developing family morals and values. This workshop series is offered on an ongoing basis.