Our Impact

Families need decent affordable housing and comprehensive support to move toward self-sufficiency. For the past three decades, ACHIEVEability has engaged their families in comprehensive and holistic services to promote personal growth, including the pursuit of post-secondary education. Families benefit from stable housing and personalized coaching provided by ACHIEVEability to ensure their long-term success.

Philadelphia is plagued by high poverty rates, high unemployment, and low educational attainment. The city's current poverty rate of 24% is among the highest in the nation---ranking third behind Detroit and Cleveland. (Based on US Census Bureau - American Community Survey 2006-2008). ACHIEVEability is a solution for parents who are motivated to change the future for their families.

The impact of ACHIEVEability is best told by the people who the progam has helped.  Many of their stories and circumstances may be similar, yet the actions, courage, and work put into improving their own lives are all exceptional in their own right. 


Brenda Whiting

Brenda Whiting and her two daughters came to ACHIEVEability in 2000. Before entering the program, she and her daughters were homeless residing in a shelter. Since childhood, Brenda was reinforced to think that she was “slow” and would be lucky to graduate from high school.

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Akeisha Beasley

Akeisha Beasley and her infant daughter entered ACHIEVEability in September 2007. Prior to entering ACHIEVEability Akeisha was staying in an emergency shelter. Before arriving at the shelter she was residing in a half-way home; she was previously incarcerated for various drug offenses.

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Harold Barrow

Harold Barrow came to ACHIEVEability in mid-1980’s in a very confused state of being, not knowing if life would ever change for him and his children. Prior to entering ACHIEVEability, Harold had dealt with many hardships in life: abuse from his father as a child, poverty with his mother after she left his father in order to save him from the abuse, and the use of drugs and alcohol beginning at an early age, as a pre-teen, to help him overcome the scars left from the abuse. This way of life led him to the horrors of a terrible addiction and, ultimately, homelessness. Along the way he fathered two children with a young woman who was addicted to crack cocaine. She abandoned their two crack addicted babies and left them in Harold’s care. This led Harold and his children to a shelter, which eventually led them to ACHIEVEability.

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