Drexel Side-by-Side

Drexel University is hosting a free side-by-side course for residents of West Philadelphia at ACHIEVEability’s offices. This unique course format brings college students and community residents or organizations together in classes taught by distinguished Drexel faculty. The goal of the courses is to create a mutually respectful learning environment where everyone can learn from each other and benefit from the experiences and perspectives of their classmates. We welcome members of our community to join these classes to learn and to share in this active learning model so we may work together to co-create solutions to social problems. There is no cost or education requirements for community students and all materials will be provided. The only requirements are simply registering for the course and making a commitment to attend every class.


Here is information on the next class:

ENGL 323: Storytelling Through Mural Arts (Wednesdays from 5:30-8:00PM; April 3, 2017 through June 12, 2017)

Murals tell stories: about neighborhoods and communities, about individuals and their families, and about significant events in our histories. Students will research the context of a series of murals in Philadelphia, explore the process of community and artistic collaboration that produced them, and participate in a guided tour. Please call Special Projects Manager Griffith Ridgway at 215-557-8484 ext. 8826 for more information. Registration is open through March 31, 2017 on a first-come, first-served basis.