Celebrating 35 Years of Stepping Up to Break the Generational Cycle of Poverty

35 years ago a group of pioneers organized to improve the future of low income, single homeless parents in West Philadelphia. This group was originally known as Philadelphians Concerned About Housing (PCAH), and their dream was to provide a safety net of comprehensive support services and housing for women and men seeking to break free from homelessness and poverty. ACHIEVEability was founded on the importance of providing families with the tools and resources needed to attain higher education, develop careers and become homeowners. 

Fast forward to today. Our programs have strong outcomes, are considered “best practice” in the field, and are praised for their impact. A strategic alliance has been formed with Mission First Housing Group that strengthens our ability to reach even more families, and to grow ACHIEVEability’s community engagement and services agenda. We have a strong and influential board of directors and an extraordinary, compelling staff that delivers every day for children and families.

Perhaps most importantly, we have all of you - our friends, partners, funders, volunteers. You are champions for this work and we cannot do it without you! Please continue to share your energy, resources and amazing passion so that together we can change the trajectory of poverty - one family at a time. Thank you so much for being with us!