Meet The New Executive Director

March 11th marks more than just the announcement of a new executive director for ACHIEVEability; it marks the match of a talented leader with the opportunity to shape a new future for the communities and families in need that we serve.

WandaWe couldn’t be more excited about the appointment of Wanda Mial to lead this transformation. We are confident that Wanda will partner well with staff, community leaders, the ACHIEVEability Board and the leadership of Mission First Housing Group to shape the path ahead for ACHIEVEability’s life-changing services. She has a strong foundation to build upon. In fact, ACHIEVEability has been busy changing lives in FY14:

  • Imagine being a single parent, who once lived in poverty, with $15,600 more in earnings to feed your family. This was the reality when ACHIEVEability participants exiting the program with degrees achieved 107% gains in income.
  • Imagine the pride in knowing that you had the discipline to complete a degree when others doubted you. Last year, nineteen participants walked across the stage with diplomas.
  • Imagine living at the epicenter of need in West Philadelphia and having an open door when you face a financial crisis or simply need access to a computer. Our Community Services Office has expanded services and served 120% more residents than the year before.

While welcoming Wanda, we also offer our thanks to Susan Patton who worked with determination and heart to shepherd ACHIEVEability through crucial questions about the organization’s future. With Susan’s leadership ACHIEVEability conducted due diligence that ultimately secured our groundbreaking alliance. She has served the mighty ACHIEVEability cause with passion and guts and we wish her well as she moves on to the next phase of her journey.

There will be plenty of change ahead as ACHIEVEability and Mission First complete the integration of back-office and real estate operations, and set our sights on meeting the affordable housing and service needs of those in need. However, we know a few things will remain constant – our collective commitment to excellence, a model of high accountability and a belief that ACHIEVEability services offer respectful, but challenging, pathways to self-sufficiency and strong communities.

We are thrilled to have Wanda join us as the transformation begins.

Timothy S. Thornton – ACHIEVEability, Board Chair

Walter M. Kubiak – Mission First Housing Group, Chief Executive Officer