Planting the Seeds

It has been almost two years as ACHIEVEability’s interim leader and I had always intended to blog on this website about the special mission moments I experienced.

I would have shared about being rocked when one new self-sufficiency participant gave our staff trays of fruit and vegetables on the day she joined the program. “I can’t even thank you enough. I will NOT let you down,” she said, as she handed over what could have been close to a day’s wages. Or, I would have written about the day another participant proudly introduced me to her role model in the program and showed me how “ACHIEVEability was creating heroes.” Or, I would have blogged about my sense of pride when a resident who was helped in the Community Services Office wrote a beautiful letter to describe how our staff offered “a light at the end of the tunnel” when she had come to the office feeling “ashamed and embarrassed.”

I definitely would have shared the story of another nonprofit executive who, after learning about our philosophy, outcomes and services said with amazement, “no one does what you do.” I likely would have included stories about the countless community and foundation leaders who helped me navigate Philadelphia’s nonprofit world, or selfless staff and Board members who work so hard on behalf of our cause.

There would, indeed, have been a lot to say. My time working on behalf of the ACHIEVEability mission has been a blessing, a lesson and an honor.

The theme for our Food for Thought 2015 gala is “Planting the Seeds for our Families to Succeed.” Never has this theme been more relevant than today as the organization is poised to bloom under Wanda Mial’s leadership. With the depth of support that is possible from funders, donors and volunteers, I am more confident than ever that ACHIEVEability will build stronger communities and more individuals will succeed in breaking through the endemic systems of generational poverty.

I thank you for the honor of serving the ACHIEVEability mission, and I thank you in advance for planting more seeds for success in the days and years ahead.

Volunteer. Donate. Join the Food for Thought party on April 18th. Imagine what could happen if we all planted the seeds…

Susan Patton - ACHIEVEability, Interim CEO