Memorial Day

This Memorial Day we will honor the brave men and women who gave their lives to protect this country. Through their service, these dedicated individuals ensured the safety and security of all Americans. However, for the soldiers who have come home, many of them are struggling with difficult issues and are not able to return to their former lives.

Unfortunately, there are more than 57,000 veterans who are homeless and living in poverty across the country. This societal issue, and the fact that there are nearly 47 million other Americans living in poverty, demands for a movement to strengthen our greatest asset, our people.

At ACHIEVEability, we are focused on this movement. We believe in the power of people and what they can accomplish. We are dedicated to breaking the generational cycle of poverty for the most vulnerable population, low income and the disenfranchised. By offering affordable housing and an array of social service supports, we help our families to reach their goals, earning college degrees, successfully attaining career positions, becoming first-time home owners, and ultimately, striving toward self-sufficiency.

We are rebuilding lives. We are rebuilding communities. However, at ACHIEVEAbility we know that to cure the issue of poverty, all of us as Americans need to renew our commitment to helping the under-served members of our society.

Let this Memorial Day remind us of our interconnectedness as a society, as a greater community, as Americans. The same forces that drive the men and women who serve our country must also inspire us to take action to better our society and to commit to creating better communities.