Third Grade Students Support ACHIEVEability

Third Grade Students Support ACHIEVEability

ACHIEVEability recently partnered with Bianca Bonanno’s third grade class at D.N. Fell Elementary School in South Philadelphia. The students in this class have been excitedly collecting donations from other classes, teachers and school employees at Fell Elementary School to provide to ACHIEVEability families. These donated items include household essentials such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap and detergents. The class will be collecting these items through the first two weeks of May. 


Since September 2011, the students from Ms. Bonanno’s third grade class have been researching community issues including addiction, poverty and violence. They have made posters collectively as a class with slogans on them about combating poverty. In working with Need in Deed, the class was able to connect with ACHIEVEability, happily offering the support of providing donated household items. Need in Deed is a non-profit agency whose mission is to use the classroom to prepare young people for civic responsibility and service to others, enabling them to become capable, contributing members of society. 


On Friday, April 27, 2012 ACHIEVEability Senior Self-Sufficiency Coach Harold Barrow and Self-Sufficiency Coach Shannon Spillman met with Ms. Bonanno’s third grade class. They presented to the class the importance of the work done at ACHIEVEability. Both coaches were emotionally moved after hearing such responses as, “Do you cry when people thank you for helping them out of poverty?” and, “What else can we do to help your organization?” 


ACHIEVEability is proud to partner with such a motivated and thoughtful group of students. Thanks to their hard work, ACHIEVEability is able to better support the families it works with.