Saving Our Boys

On the bright, fall Saturday morning of November 12th, several young men from Saving Our Boys quickly gobbled down breakfast in eager anticipation of readying an ACHIEVEability home for a family’s arrival.

The group was from Saving Our Boys, a mentoring organization that supports young African American males by helping them to discover and achieve their vast potential. With the state of Pennsylvania’s practice of building prisons based on the estimate of future inmates as determined by the low test scores of third-grade African American boys, Saving Our Boys works to counteract this notion by creating a community that actively invests in the futures of these young men.   

The volunteer project was organized and supported by ACHIEVEability’s newest board member, Michele Lawrence who is the Senior VP/Community Banking President at Wells Fargo. Lawrence is deeply committed to both the mission of ACHIEVEability and Saving Our Boys, and wanted to give this group of young male volunteers the opportunity to give back and strengthen their community. The group worked diligently to paint and clean an entire house in only 5 hours! We are enormously grateful for the discipline, hard work and leadership these young men exhibited in preparing a house for a deserving family. We could not make these houses homes for so many without the dedication and hard work of volunteers like the group from Saving Our Boys. We thank these young men for their help, and look forward to discovering what bright futures they hold! 

If you and a group of volunteers would like to be involved in strengthening the community by making over an ACHIEVEability home, please contact us to schedule a project.