Wanda Mial on Comcast Newsmakers

Executive Director Wanda Mial was recently interviewed on Comcast Newsmakers in Washington D.C. The conversation focused on communities with high levels of poverty and the challenges faced by residents residing in these areas, and ulimately, the work ACHIEVEability is doing to address these issues. Mial stated that these communities "are ridden by crime, challenged schools and really difficult conditions for families to thrive." Please click here to see the interview. 


Brotherly Love, Sisterly Affection Award

Urban Outfitters, Inc. (URBN) and ACHIEVEability (ACHa) are proud recipients of Philadelphia Business Journal’s first ever Brotherly Love, Sisterly Affection Award. This award honors the partnerships among for-profit and nonprofit organizations that help the city of Philadelphia. The 25 winners were chosen based on monetary donations, social impact and community involvement that has taken place in the last 18 months.

For many years, URBN has served as a strategic partner for ACHa by enabling positive organizational outcomes through the provision of in-kind donations, capital contributions, and many volunteer hours.


Within the last 18 months, URBN has hosted the 2015 ACHa annual fundraising gala, Food for Thought. In addition to hosting the event, URBN provides in-kind contributions and numerous staff volunteer hours, which has helped our organization raise more than $210,000 in gross revenue. For eight consecutive years, URBN has hosted ACHa’s annual gala, helping to raise a grand total of nearly $1.5 million in gross revenue over the course of that time.

URBN has been an active participant in the ACHa Backpack Donation Drive for the last three years, collecting more than 400 backpacks and school supplies in 2015 alone. These backpacks supported 250 school-age children in the ACHa Family Self-Sufficiency Program and 150 children in the greater West Philadelphia Community.

URBN granted ACHa capital contributions as part of the City of Philadelphia Department of Revenue Business Privilege Tax Credit Program. Also, Anthropologie, one of URBN’s brands, participated in the ACHa Holiday Gift Drive this past December, providing in-kind contributions of wrapped holiday gifts for more than 200 ACHa children.

URBN and ACHa have been fortunate to partner with each other since 2008. URBN believes ACHa’s mission to permanently break the generational cycle of poverty for families in Philadelphia.


Black History Month

ACHIEVEability parents and children celebrated Black History Month on Tuesday, February 16th with a performance by Mlanjeni Magical Theater. For the third consecutive year during Black History Month, the theater company put on a show for our ACHIEVEability families. This interactive show with puppets, song and dance told of African folklore and history from ancient African empires to modern day, and was a fun time for the nearly 20 children and parents in attendance.


Toward the end of the month of February, for ACHIEVEability pre-teens and teenagers, we will host a viewing of the movie, Brotherly Love, the story of a Philadelphia high-school basketball player, his sister and their older brother who face life-changing decisions as they struggle to make something of themselves. 


Need in Deed

In support of Need in Deed, an organization connecting the classroom with the community, ACHIEVEability Senior Fellow Harold Barrow offered his expertise in the field of homelesseness on Wednesday, February 17th, by speaking to a classroom of more than 30 fourth grade students at D. Newlin Fell School in South Philadelphia. This was the first time that this classroom heard from a community partner after choosing to address homelessness for their annual service-learning topic.


Need for Deed works with over 80 public school teachers around Philadelphia, helping to bring real world learning and resources to their students about social issues selected by the students. This is the third year ACHIEVEability and Harold Barrow have supported the Need in Deed program. We are proud to support such a great program and Philadelphia classroom. 


Housing Policy Debate - The ACHIEVEability Model Works

“Our findings suggest that the ACHIEVEability model does work in helping to promote self-sufficiency,” said University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing’s Therese S. Richmond, PhD, FAAN, CRNP, the Andrea B. Laporte Professor of Nursing, and Associate Dean for Research and Innovation.


Housing Policy Debate recently published a study on the effect micro-neighborhood conditions have on adult educational attainment in subsidized housing. Dr. Richmond served as the study’s senior author.

For this study, the researchers were interested in knowing if the location of subsidized housing had any impact on whether or not its residents were able to accrue educational credits. "The results suggest that the micro environments immediately surrounding residents of subsidized housing do matter. Making even modest improvements in the blocks on which affordable housing units are located could have a major impact on the pace at which residents make educational progress,” said Dr. Richmond.

Please click on this link for the entire article. 



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