Our Impact

Living in an unheated two bedroom home with eleven other family members, Latisha knew she needed a better future for her children. She came to ACHIEVEability with her sons Sayeed and Amir. While in the program she worked on credit repair, personal development and budgeting. She made time for personal and family counseling services. In 2013, Latisha earned a bachelor’s degree from Peirce College in business administration. Today, Latisha is a small business analyst at PECO.

Seeing his mother find strength through adversity and gaining tools from his own counseling sessions, Sayeed developed into a highly motivated young man. Today he has his own plan for success and is studying business administration at Community College of Philadelphia. His goal is to pursue a bachelor’s degree with the dream of owning his own business one day.


Tashell had a juggling act to manage full-time work and school. She came to ACHIEVEability seeking affordable housing and support to make progress in school. Tashell found the focus she needed to be a better student AND a better parent. In 2013, she earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Eastern University. After successfully completing the ACHIEVEability program, she now owns and operates a day care. She will be applying for the master’s program in family and community counseling at the University of Pennsylvania.

Learning the value of education from her mother, Tashira eagerly embarked on her own journey toward education. She participated in various programs including the Villanova Initiative for Engaging Women, where she attended intensive college prep courses. From eighth through eleventh grade Tashira spent six weeks each summer on Villanova’s campus learning new skills. Tashira served on the Youth Panel Board for the City of Philadelphia and volunteered in various community events. She is currently a sophomore in Pennsylvania State University’s bachelor of nursing program.


Looking to find stability after a battle with drug addiction, Anna entered ACHIEVEability with her son, Sabire. Anna took advantage of all that we have to offer, attending any and every workshop, and even volunteering her services. Wanting to “call her own shots in life,” Anna worked diligently to earn an associate’s degree from Community College of Philadelphia in liberal arts in 2008 and a bachelor’s degree from Temple University in psychology in 2012. Today Anna is a Home Recruitment Certified Specialist at Northeast Treatment Center.

Sabire followed closely in Anna’s footsteps by attending ACHIEVEability youth activities and trips including a life changing experience at a wilderness camp in Maine whose philosophy encourages mental, social, physical and spiritual growth. Growing from these experiences, Sabire continues to look toward the future. After high school graduation next year, he wants to study music engineering and writing, and is researching schools including Delaware State University, Drexel University and Temple University.