Our Approach

ACHIEVEability understands the value of measurements and accountability in helping families reach self-sufficiency. To this end, ACHIEVEability has developed the Family Self-Sufficiency Continuum, a tool to measure a family's progress toward self-sufficiency.

The continuum contains objective, measurable criteria for finance, education, parenting and personal development. Movement upward along the continuum, from level one through level five, represents success and accomplishments that will bring the family from depending on supportive services to self reliance.


ACHIEVEability parents are required to maintain employment while in the program. Their respective incomes must meet all necessary monthly expenses, including rent and utilities. 


Education is the key to success in ACHIEVEability's Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSSP). Parents in our program are required to attend post-secondary degree programs or its equivalent. We provide personalized coaching, tutoring and educational assessments to our parents. Once they earn a bachelor's degree, we continue to support each family to ensure the complete transition to self-sufficiency. Each year we celebrate the academic accomplishments of our families.

FSSP Educational Outcomes for FY16:

  • 9 parents earned college degrees (5 associate's degrees and 4 bachelor's degrees)
  • 68% of participants earned credits toward a post-secondary degree
  • Participants exiting with college degrees increased their annual income by more than 50%
  • 79 participants developed education/career development plans
  • 86 individuals actively enrolled in school 

Our parents attend the following schools:


ACHIEVEability helped 253 children who participated in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program in 2016. We coach parents on how to provide for their families and how to further the healthy development of their children.


ACHIEVEability is a leader in developing and managing affordable housing in Philadelphia. We provide housing to families in our Family Self-Sufficiency Program as a first step toward their journeys to self-sufficiency. Our housing provides families the stability they need to pursue the education, obtain the employment and develop the life skills necessary for self-sufficiency.