About ACHIEVEability


ACHIEVEability (originally known as Philadelphians Concerned About Housing) was founded in 1981 by community members who were concerned about the future of low-income, single parent families living in homeless shelters or substandard conditions. They recognized that these families needed decent affordable housing and comprehensive support over time if they were to move from welfare dependence to economic independence. Since then, ACHIEVEability has been involved in housing development, housing management, and comprehensive social services to help break the cycle of poverty.

Since our inception, ACHIEVEability has developed 210 housing units from abandoned homes and vacant lots in West Philadelphia, close to the ACHIEVEability services and resources needed by our participants. An additional twelve houses were developed for ActionAIDS, a multi-services organization in North Philadelphia serving people living with HIV/AIDS. Most recently, we completed a project of ten homes specifically for homeownership. Of these, five are already slated to be sold to ACHIEVEability participants, thus seeing them through the complete journey from homelessness to homeownership. Currently we manage 152 homes, having sold 28 properties over the years, many to our participant families.

In September 2014, ACHIEVEability formed a strategic alliance with Mission First Housing Group to broaden and strengthen the ability of each to serve the people of Philadelphia and the Mid-Atlantic Region. With both organizations combined, we will manage more than 2,500 homes for low-income populations, including veterans, elderly and the disabled, and single parent and homeless families. Mission First's larger footprint will allow ACHIEVEability to eventually expand with services to more families while maintaining the focus on our home base in West Philadelphia. We expect this alliance will prove to be a model of collaboration that will be the gold standard for nonprofit organizations across the region.